Assurance & Attest

With a high-quality audit, you will benefit from deep insight that keeps your organization moving in the right direction. Today’s business and economic environment is consistently changing and is fast-paced, many stakeholders are demanding top notch reliability of both financial and nonfinancial data. As a result, an audit is increasingly more than just an objective examination of an organization’s finances. It’s an opportunity to consider a universal lens inside your entity—to assess the quality of financial and nonfinancial factors you are using to make critical decisions, evaluate your organization’s overall financial health, well-being and performance, and help you solve complex challenges.

CCPAs audit approach parlays a keen understanding of the competitive business landscape and our experience evaluating the risks you face on a daily basis. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor, and to provide maximum return on your investment through value-added communications that include in-depth analysis of your organization’s financial statements, internal controls, safeguarding of assets, and efficiency in operations.


As a taxpayer, you don’t want to pay more in taxes than have to. Part of accomplishing this is calculating your liability with precision so you don’t overpay. Planning for this requires a trusted advisor—an experienced tax professional with the technical skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to help you take on challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

CCPAs has the expertise to provide integrated solutions and you will experience that we can offer a more personal level of service than other firms due to our structure.


We have found that most business owners do not take the time to sit back and look at their business beyond the day‐to‐day grind. We understand that your company’s accounting needs are unique. That’s why we work with you and your staff to learn about your business and accounting procedures. These brainstorming and planning meetings can be the beginning of some new and fresh ideas or a whole new direction for your business, simply because we took the time to think globally and collectively.

Advisory & CFO Services

Beginning with the end in mind, our goal is to develop and sustain a long‐term partnership with you by crafting hand‐tailored bundled service packages that contain all of the components you need to make smart business decisions. Our bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and financial strategies or business consulting services are carefully pieced together to fit your current and future business needs.

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